Advertising and Marketing

Be solution oriented with your advertising and marketing promotions! Here are some great articles to help you:

Understand Your Customer's Stage in the Buying Process

Tips for Targeting:
Understanding buying stages can help you create messages and choose where to advertise, especially on the web.
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Sales Calls: Closing the Sale Faster

Make that Sale:
These simple tips will help increase your sales, and help you close the deal.
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Success at Your Trade Show Booth

Getting Attention:
Tricks to get more attendees to visit your trade show booth.
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Giving a Speech: Tips for Public Speaking
These tricks for public speaking will help you overcome nervousness and give oral presentations with confidence.

Quotes About the Law of Attraction
Amazing quotes about the law of attraction from industry leaders.

Mountains Meet the Sea Shore in France: Watch This and Relax
If you love mountains, you will love this relaxing aerial view of intensely beautiful scenes, set to soothing music. Great relaxation video!