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Need to Give a Speech?
Don't Sweat It

by Judy Camp

Terrified of public speaking? Most of us are. But the ability and skills needed to communicate and give oral presentations with confidence can substantially help your career or increase your sales. Following some simple steps can help you plan and execute your public speaking in a successful manner.

Determine your audience. Find out as much as possible about the people you will be speaking to at the business meeting. Higher level managers will respond differently than those on the shop floor, for example. Tailor the flavor of your talk, as well as the content, to a your particular audience. Try to discern what they hope to gain by your speech. Imagine how they can use the information in their jobs, and pinpoint special tips.

Talk to the person who asked you to speak to find out more about the audience. Find out what others will be speaking about in order to make sure you don't overlap information. Ask about past presentations given by other speakers to the group, and what was successful.

Overcome your fear of public speaking, and learn the tips of the pros to organize and deliver your speech in a way that dazzles your

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